Ice Melt


Royal Blue Halite “Rock Salt” (5°F)
Natural rock salt mined from the earth and placed straight into a yellow bag. Unique blend of large and small Sodium Chloride crystals. Small crystals provide quick melting capability. Large crystals = long lasting protection. Now dyed Royal Blue and treated with an anti-caking agent.

Lightning Premium Ice Melter (-20°F) “Our Best Seller”
Reduces application rates up to 50%. Quick burn and long-lasting performance. Aqua colored for improved visual spreading. Premium sized sidewalk salt crystals treated with Magnesium Chloride. Organic Carbohydrate and a Corrosion Inhibitor coating.**Organic Carbohydrate acts as a lubricant which allows for free flowing through spreaders. Lowest operating temperature liquid on the market. Safer for pets, sidewalks, plants, and equipment!

Sizzle Lite Ice Melter (-16°F)
Sizzle Lite is a unique blend of ASTM-1 grade rock salt treated with Calcium Chloride, Organic Carbohydrate and a Corrosion Inhibitor coating. Melts snow and ice faster and longer than plain rock salt, allowing for reduced application rates and quickly providing clean and safe surfaces! Violet colored blend for improved visual spreading. Efficiently melts snow and ice away down to -16 °F degrees.

Sizzle Professional Ice Melter (-25°F)
Premium dry blend consisting of a 10% calcium chloride pellet and premium sized salt crystals. Visible ice melting blend is Lavender in color, providing easy visibility and lowering your risk of over application. Quick burn allows for advanced melting stages during extreme cold and harsh weather.